Piano Lessons
At JW Music Studios, our students' goals are as
varied as the skills they bring. Some want only to
learn to play their favorite songs, some to
embellish their songwriting abilities, some to
gain a better understanding of chord structure or
harmony, others seek a traditional rigorous
classical training...

Most parents bring their children knowing that
the benefits of a music education will last a

JW Music Studios you can expect to:

Learn to read music through a consistent exposure
to music theory.

Work on a variety of music styles and techniques.

Learn music YOU want to play.

Build strength and dexterity in your fingers while
learning to play with emotion and finesse.

Have fun!!
1/2 Hour Lesson:                                  $35
45 Minute Lesson:                                $45
1 Hour Lesson:                                     $55
  Prices are for in-studio lessons.  For lessons in your home, add $10/lesson.