Voice Lessons

From the beginner to the professional, our instructors
work with the student to help them find their own true
voice.  We use proven techniques that focus on breath
control, breath support, word placement, and using your
emotions to produce your own unique sound.

JW Music Studios' instructors are all working
professionals and, therefore, are always up on what's
current in the industry.  

Learn effective techniques to create a solid "legit"
voice and increase range and tonal quality.

Learn the proper way to belt, ensuring a strong, even
tone that will increase your range and agility while
maintaining vocal health.

Learn proper breathing techniques to create a strong
and reliable speaking/singing voice.

Build your repertoire of music.

Learn successful audition techniques.
45 Minute Lesson:                                 $60
1 Hour Lesson:                                      $75

    Prices are for in-studio lessons.  For lessons in your home, add $10/lesson